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Memorial Day 2013



What does the Memorial Day holiday mean to you?

Seriously, what does Memorial Day signify for you?  For the kids, it is the official day to kick off the opening of public swimming pools and water parks.  For most adults, this holiday is a time to spend soaking up the weather with family and friends, and of course to enjoy their 3-day weekend.  Some also take some time out of the holiday to honor and remember those brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for their country.  For me, Memorial Day means all of the above.  However, one thing I rarely get to do is travel for the holiday.  Rather flying or road tripping, I love to travel, especially to reconnect with family.

Memorial Day weekend is a notorious traveling time for road trips.  No matter what the reason you may be hitting the road this holiday, it is essential to be the best driver you can, as you may be sharing the road with a few more cars than usual.  Also, you want to make your trip as simple as it can be.  Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the condition of your vehicle is suitable for driving long distances.  It’s great that “Betsy” is still hanging in there, but if she’s been giving your any trouble lately, it may not be wise to take her on the road.
  • Prior to getting on the road, check the route that you’re traveling to check for traffic jams and accidents.  If there are and time is an issue, see if there are any alternate routes.
  • For more time sensitive traveling, make sure that all packing is done as far in advance as possible.  Waiting until the last-minute is usually a cause for being behind on time.
  • As always, drive safely and cautiously at all times and limit your amount of distractions.  As stated above, you will be driving with a few more cars and the road should be shared and not dominated.
  • Last, HAVE FUN!  Make this time as enjoyable as you can!  However, if your fun includes alcohol, make sure that you are responsible and have a designated driver.  Also, revisit our previous post for more pointers on drinking and driving.

These are just a few nuggets of advice for road travel this weekend.  We would love to hear some of your feedback and tips also.

Rather you are traveling or not, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day holiday.