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The Aftermath

…And mercifully….it ended!

It is 24 hours after and it is still the talk of the city.  Clearly every person and business in the Metro St. Louis area was rocked by the snow storm yesterday.  While some thought it was going to be worse than what it was, it still caused weather conundrum that St. Louis hasn’t seen in quite a few winters.  Businesses were forced to close due to dangerous conditions and lack of man power, highways were at a standstill for hours (some closed), and cars were stuck and stalled all night!

Old man winter definitely dished out some ill weather…however, it could have been a LOT worse, so I won’t complain too much.

On a lighter note, the weather did make for some fun times and activities that only snow can provide.  How many of you revisited your childhood and took to Art Hill or played in the snow with friends and family?

Unless the task wasn’t tackled last night after the smoke cleared, most of St. Louis will be out today scraping and cleaning off their cars.  Just be glad that you just have one or two to worry about.  There were quite a few Fusz members outside cleaning cars in the lot!

What you see below is the aftermath of twitter dubbed “#Snowmageddon” and “#Snowpocalypse”:


The Fusz team cleaning and scraping.


That poor GMC Acadia isn’t going ANYWHERE!


The smallest mount that was plowed!


GM Randy Fusz cleaning off a Buick Verano.


Nice job Randy! She’s clean…but she’s still stuck.


Larry Bushhorn plowing it down!

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Be safe out there, guys!