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5 Childhood Cars You Loved

Let’s play a game of “Way Back When”

It’s always baffled me how something so simple can really trigger memories of the “good ‘ol days”.  There are so many sounds and sights that are quick to turn on the nostalgia switch and send you right on a cruise down memory lane.

While thinking about a post for this week’s blog, it hit me.  Why not pick 5 vehicles that excited you or captured your attention when you were a kid?  So, I did!   And here are the one’s I remember the most (in no particular order):

5. The Bookmobile – YES!  Who didn’t love to see this mini library on wheels parked outside of the school when you arrived or went out for recess?  There was nothing like it.  Shelf upon shelf of cool books browse and check out.  And if you were REALLY lucky, there would sometimes be a storyteller aboard ready to read you a tale or two.

4. The Ice Cream Truck – Ah yes, a staple of the summertime.  That all too familiar DING! DING! that you hear from a distance meant one thing.  You only had a few minutes to run and get some money from mom because the frozen treat mobile was ON THE WAY!

3. The Field Trip Bus – Remember waiting anxiously for this?   No sooner that you step off of your school bus, you were ready to climb aboard the field trip bus, which was likely headed to the local museum or zoo.  What was better than the field trip bus arriving?  Teasing the other kids that have to stay at school!


2. Cool TV/Movie Cars – Oh yea…I went there.  These silver screen beauties where always guaranteed to get your attention.  The DeLorean of the Back To The Future movies and the Batmobile of the Batman comics and movies where definitely toy collectors items, but seeing one in person…amazing!

1. The Classic Car – As happy as sighting one of the above cars would make you feel, there was nothing like being in the presence of a classic car.  They just have a certain “something” that commands respect and attention.  Shown is a 1971 GMC Spirit.

If at least one of these didn’t bring back a good memory, I don’t know WHAT to tell ya!  Understand, these are just a few that crossed my mind, but there are SO many more.  Can you think of any?  Leave us a comment below or  Facebook or @FuszBuickGMC.


Memory Lane: The First Set of Wheels

Today is a day that I like to call “Feel Good Friday”.  It puts me in a good mood so I’m posting some feel good content.  Ready??

Do you remember your first car?

Ahh, wasn’t that a great day?

The day when you finally had wheels of your own and you didn’t have to depend on your parents to cart you around.   You felt a sense of liberation and independence.  And if you had a car before the rest of your friends, you were SUPER COOL!   Be honest, you weren’t really concerned with the responsibility that came with the car (insurance, maintenance etc.), you just knew that you had to wash it every now and then, gas it, round up the posse and GO!

As for my first car, it was the pinnacle of pristine automotive invention.   It was the epitome of luxury on wheels!  I’m talking a silver 1996 Chevrolet Corsica.  The car belonged to my friend’s grandfather and it was in very good condition to have been 8 years old at the time.  When the topic of buying the car came up, he went from grandfather to Godfather, declaring for me to “make him an offer he can’t refuse”…and I did.

The craziest thing about my first car (dubbed “The Bucket”) was that I got it and my license in the same week and I was nineteen at the time.  Yep, NINETEEN and I was just getting my license.  However, that’s another story for another post.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that car did and seen A LOT of things.  Through accidents, tickets, taking me back and forth to college, and a little recreational mischief, the bucket was there for it ALL.  Unfortunately, the bucket has gone on to that big tow yard in the sky, but it had a long and semi-healthy 5 years.

I often wonder how things would have been if I had a different car back then.  What if I would have purchased a brand new car or my dream car (which I can’t recall right now)?  Would I have been in some of the situations that I was in with the bucket?  What would I have named it?  Ah, heck…this could go on all night.  Let’s just say that if the car had been newer, I would have definitely taken better care of it.

As of now, my 1999 Chevy Malibu (dubbed “The Bu”) is still kicking.  It may not look the best, but it RUNS!  However, I would not object to a new car, especially a 2013 GMC Terrain or 2013 Buick Regal (just a couple of my personal faves).

So what about you guys?  What are your first car memories?  Are they good?  Are they bad?  Was it a new car or a clunker?  I want to hear ALL about it.  Keep this “Feel Good Friday” going by sounding off and sharing your stories below.

Thanks for another week of reading and liking!

Until next time…I’m OUT!