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You Just May Need a New Car…

Today is Feel Good Friday (because I said so) and I’m going a different route with this post.

Recently, I have found myself semi-obsessed with the hilarious and often nostalgic randomness of social media site Buzzfeed.  So, I decided to have my own version of their fun.  Today, I’m examining certain car situations that present a cause for concern for the safety of the drivers and passengers.  This is just a witty observation, however if  you are dealing with any of these problems:

You Just May Need a New Car…



1. As ingenious as this quick fix is, I think another car door would probably be the best choice.


2. This is NOT what is meant by the phrase “A smokin’ hot ride”.

Red car...good BOOM!

3. Now, I’m not saying that this solution won’t work.  I’m sure that it keeps the car quite cool.  But…no.  Just no.

4. Rumor has it that all they did was put the car in drive…and THIS is what happened.

Car spins

5. The ONE day they forget the “Escalator Out of Order” sign.

6. Whenever a door closes….well, you know the rest.

climbing through car

7.  For that deep down dirt that a car wash just can’t get out.


And you thought you had car trouble!

Hopefully none of our readers have ever been in any of these situations.  If so, this would be an ideal time to contact one of your local Lou Fusz dealerships and discuss a little bit of business.

Do you have any of your own horror stories or pictures of your old car dilemmas?  We’d love to hear or see them!