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Spring Car Care


The weather is finally starting to break and the sun is being a little bit more friendly.  It is safe to say that the spring season we have been longing for has finally arrived.  In preparation for the season, some of us have already began spring cleaning and swapping out some spring/summer clothing items (but keep those hoodies handy)  However, don’t forget that now is a great time to get spring maintenance done on your car.

Back in December, we posted winter safety tips about winter-proofing your car in the occasion of inclement weather.  Now that old man winter is fading away, it is ideal that a routine check-up be done on your car to ensure the harsh winter did no harm.

Here’s what to check:

As mentioned in the previous post,  winter can be very harsh on both your car battery and tires.  Make it a priority to check the battery and tires to ensure they haven’t taken too much of a beating.  Next, you want to check the condition of your brakes.  Snow and ice of the winter must be driven in cautiously, which puts some additional wear and tear on your brakes.  Inspecting the back and rear brakes is advised.  Third,  pay attention to your belts and hoses.  These consist of the serpentine and timing belts and the radiator hoses.  Any cracking, peeling or splitting of the belts or hardening and bulging of the hoses may be causes for replacement.  While you have the hood up,  check that the coolant/anti-freeze being used complied with car specifications and is at proper levels.  Last, make sure all of your fluids are topped off.   These include windshield washing fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid and/or transmission fluid.


As the season progresses and the weather begins to warm up, make sure your A/C unit is functioning with a clean air filter.  It is wise to check this ahead of time so you’re not unpleasantly surprised in the midst of the amazing blazing St. Louis summer weather!

Keep in mind that a lot of these can be DIY tasks with little to no assistance.  However, if you’d prefer the help of a trained eye, you can contact you local Lou Fusz dealership or auto care facility.