What’s In a Buick: 2013 Regal GS

Well, here we are again for the third installment of our “What’s In a Buick” mini-campaign.  For this post, we’re putting the 2013 Buick Regal GS in the spotlight.  The Regal GS is the first vehicle in the Buick family that delivers luxury and sport for the driver with a need for speed.  As stated in our very first post, the Buick name has long been synonymous with slow, elderly drivers.  However, our featured Fusz salesman Rob Martchink agrees the Regal GS will surely diminish that thought faster than it can go from 0 to 60!

“Where do I begin with this car?  There is so much,” is Robs response when asked why he chose to discuss the Regal GS.  Aside from the initial “car jargon” he started to throw out, I did manage to make out “high performance” “fun” and “excellent fuel economy” as a few of the features he loves.  Rob then adds “I will say the performance on this car is CRAZY.”  The 5-star crash rated Regal boasts a 270-HP high0output Ecotec 2.0L turbo engine with a six speed automatic transmission and a Brembo brake system.  However, the stand-out feature is the responsive Interactive Drive Control System suspension technology with an exclusive GS mode.  When activated, it improves vehicle sensitivity to tire irregularities and wheel balance by lowering the car a little closer to the ground to stiffen suspension.

2013 Regal GS

Whew, did you get all that??

As far as internal features go, Rob complimented the vehicle saying “It’s a sport luxury vehicle and the inside really does a good job of incorporating the two.”  The side seat bolsters are one of his many favorite features.  “They help to secure you in place when you’re driving,” he says.  Also, the exposed leather stitching and stylized lines inside the vehicle make it more sporty and appealing.

To look at the Regal GS, you would be shocked to learn of all of its monstrous power.  This is what helps to separate it from the comparable Accord and Camry makes and helps to position this car alongside more high-end manufacturers as Acura and Infiniti. If you’re craving more information on the Regal GS or other Buick products, please visit the Lou Fusz Buick GMC website.  For comments and suggestions, follow us on Twitter @FuszBuickGMC.

Well, we’ve done it again this week.  With the Regal GS, we’ve shown that turbo speed and sporty luxury are #WhatsinaBuick.  Make sure you come back next week!


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