What’s In a Buick: 2013 Enclave?

This week for our “What’s In a Buick” movement, we shine some light on the brilliant 2013 Buick Enclave.  Although the Enclave falls in the category with other popular midsize SUV’s, Fusz salesman Nick Demaso insists that there is NO comparing the Enclave to other cars in its class.  When asked why he chose to highlight the Enclave, he boasts “Buick is known to be a reliable vehicle and because it is a part of the Buick family, the Enclave is a quality front-runner ”  Since its release in 2007, the Enclave has been the only SUV in the Buick family.  However, 2013 will introduce the Encore, a smaller sized SUV to the line-up. 


In regards to his favorite attributes of the Enclave, Nick expressed that there were a couple stand-out features .  Almost immediately, Nick began speaking about the attention to detail that is found throughout.  “Externally, the design is very sleek and meticulously crafted.  It’s very easy on the eyes.” Nick says.  Internally, the design and detail is very rich.  Soft leather and chrome and wood-grain accents are just a few details that make the Enclave a very worthy contender to such luxury SUV’s as the Acura MDX or Lexus 470.   Also, Nick highlights the interior space expressing “the space makes the car very appealing and family friendly without compromising its luxury. 

These features are merely a small part of what makes the Enclave an exceptional vehicle for families or the individual that enjoys a finer ride.  For more highlights and information on the Enclave or any other Buick product, visit the Lou Fusz Buick GMC website.  Also, the 2013 Buick Encore will be arriving at our dealership within the next few months.  For comments and suggestions, follow us on Twitter @FuszBuickGMC, include hash tag #WhatsinaBuick.  Once again, tune in next week for a new car and more information highlighting #WhatsinaBuick.


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