What’s In a Buick?

Since I didn’t get a chance to say this last week…WELCOME TO 2013!!!!

A lot of traditional things happen around the beginning of a new year.  It takes about 2 weeks to finally write the correct year in the date.  People (myself included) are patiently waiting for their W-2’s to get tax returns done.  Most notably, people begin and some commit to New Year’s Resolutions.  I must admit, I am guilty of the first two traditions as I learned a long time ago that making a resolution really doesn’t work for me.

Keeping with the trend of “starting new,” I was thinking of a new fresh idea to kick off the New Year and shine some light on our Buick GMC dealership and its inventory.  So, I am excited to introduce:

What’s In a Buick??

This mini campaign will take one of our outstanding sales staff members and highlight their favorite benefit and/or feature of one of our many Buick automobiles.  I have learned quite a bit about them already!

Our first lucky team member to participate is Vehicle Exchange Manager Albert Koesterer.  With five current Buick models to choose from, Albert almost instantly chose the 2013 Buick Verano.  “The Verano is my first choice because it is an affordable luxury vehicle with a very competitive price point,” Albert says.  The Verano is least expensive automobile of the Buick family and is comparable in size to the Toyota Camry.


When asked about his favorite attribute of the Verano, Albert chose the Intellilink Infotainment System Albert states “it really stands out and enhances the luxury of the vehicle.”  Available with a navigation option, the Intellilink in-dash 7 inch touchscreen display makes for a seamless operation of music, climate and other entertainment controls.  Voice commands for hands-free interaction with your smartphone makes the Intellilink feature as safe as it is fun.

This is just one of many more highlights to look forward to with the “What’s In a Buick” campaign.  For more information on the Verano or any other Buick product, visit the Lou Fusz Buick GMC website.  For comments and suggestions, follow us on Twitter @FuszBuickGMC, include hash tag #WhatsinaBuick. 

Tune in next week for another post letting you know #whatsinaBuick.


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