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Allow me to introduce myself.  There’s a new sheriff in blogtown and his name is Marshon Rogers.  I would like to personally welcome you to the official blog of Lou Fusz Buick GMC, your St. Louis Buick and GMC dealer.  Working as a social media intern for Fusz Buick GMC, I’m a fresh face to the automotive blogging scene.  Fortunately, I’ve got a lot on my mind and even MORE room to talk about it.  I am super excited to be heading up this blog and offering entertaining, relevant, yet helpful information to the readers.

I must honestly say that before accepting the role of social media intern, I was totally unaware of the potential of directing social media from an automotive industry viewpoint.  Also, I must confess that I was once one with the mindset that Buicks were cars for “The Golden Age” drivers.  Typically when you think of Buick, you can visualize driving behind the elderly driver with a little bit of grey hair barely peeking from under the driver’s seat.  Well, at least that’s my visual.  Also, I thought that GMC’s were just makers of rugged pick-up trucks and big honkin SUV’s that you see on TV haulin’ it through the mud and hills.  BOY OH BOY, WAS I WRONG!

Upon joining the Lou Fusz team, my perception of both Buick and GMC vehicles has changed.  Let me first start by declaring my love for the GMC Terrain.  I seriously LOVE the styling and design of it, especially the boxy shape and distinctive front grill.  I could seriously see myself in one..ONYX BLACK…DENALI TRIM…riding like the wind!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way.

I would definitely encourage anyone who has had even the slightest curiosity about a Buick to stop in and look one over.  By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the Shaq Buick LaCrosse commercial.  Initially, I was convinced that they must have made some sort of Super LaCrosse for him to fit in (I mean, the man is like UBER FREAKIN TALL!).  However, after spending a little time getting acquainted with the Buick family of vehicles, including the Regal and Verano, I’ve seen first hand exactly how spacious and sleek these cars are.  They also pack quite a bit of power, which is enough to make me disassociate Buicks as the “granny car”.

This is just one of many blog posts that you will be seeing from me in this weekly blog series.  I’m making it my personal goal to make this blog as helpful and entertaining as possible with a bit of randomness tossed in here and there.  Hey, I’ve got an idea!  To get the ball rolling, why don’t you follow us on Twitter @fuszbuickGMC and let us know what you think the most distinct characteristic of a Buick vehicle is with the hashtag #ItsABuick.  Also, be sure to like Lou Fusz Buick GMC on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lfuszbuickgmc.  I’m looking forward to your responses!

Well, until next time.  PEACE OUT!


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